The Shop

I am dedicating The Shop to resourcing products that are designed to enhance the lives of senior citizens.  I am going to do the research for you.

It’s amazing the new technology that is available.  And, I will revisit items that are tried and true.

Please let me know if you find an item that seems worth a second look.  I’ll do my best to investigate and report back to everyone.

My blog is called Aging Takes Planning.  It was created from my experiences in advocating for my elderly parents.   As their primary caregiver and advocate, I handled dozens of issues: medical and insurance, legal including wills, trusts, VA pensions, personal finances.

I was the Power of Attorney for both parents.  My father needed memory care and my mother needed assisted living services.  As time went on I found I had to navigate numerous situations related to planning for elder years.

The goal of my blog is not legal, medical, or financial advice. I’ll give families tools to design a plan, to guide seniors in finding resources, provide access to experts, and introduce products to keep them organized, healthy and live safely.

I am looking for affiliates in the following areas: sleeping aids, mobility, furniture for disabled, dietary supplements, depression and anxiety, durable goods for elderly such as beds, hammocks, chairs, lifts, transport and transfer aids, kitchen appliances, bathroom safety equipment, foot health and care, dental plans and appliances, arthritis supplies and equipment, specialty bedding, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, home security, housing resources and placement, retirement and estate planning, veterans’ programs, travel plans, travel aids.

This a new blog just getting off the ground.  I am linked to Facebook and Pinterest.  Affiliate programs will be my primary revenue source.

Safety at Home & Away

Wait until you see the new products I have found.