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The Path to those “Golden Years”

Have you planned for aging? Put together your will? Planned for end-of-life issues? 

If not, you’ve landed in the right place. 

You need to have a plan. You need to consider things like long-term care, power of attorney if you were to become incapacitated for any length of time, and distribution of assets.

Preparing for your Golden Years not only helps you, but can help your family take care of you and your assets when the time comes. It may feel scary to think about these things, but if you don’t, then you are leaving your family unprepared. 

That’s where Aging Takes Planning can help sort the planning into manageable segments.  My parents were unprepared and I had to deal with each situation as it arose. That is not the best way to navigate end of life arrangements. 

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I don't do legal, financial or medical advising.
I can assist you with
preparation, information, resources, and advice.

What do you think is necessary to prepare for your retirement years? Hint: it’s not just Medicare.

  1. How old should you be when you start planning and become active in your plans? Can you get caught up?
  2. What are you responsible for legally, medically, financially, and morally to care for yourself and/or your aging relative(s)?
  3. Who do you trust for advice? For help? Where do you find resources?
  4. Isn’t it easier to wait until something happens? Why would you over-plan for issues that may never arise?
  5. What about your aging parents? Have they prepared for the assistance and legalities of their aging? Are you part of the plan?

If you are twenty, it’s not too soon. If you are forty, you should be planning.

If you are fifty or older, it’s not too late, it’s imperative.

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