Protect yourself and your loved ones

Your Personal Plan

Your Personal Plan is a thoughtful and vital step in planning for the future. Your commitment to gathering and organizing this information is a testament to your love and concern for your loved ones.

As someone who spent years as a caregiver, I know the value of a comprehensive list that families should collect and maintain with the utmost care. It’s not just about ensuring that your wishes are honored; it’s also about easing the stress on your family during an emotionally challenging time.

Your meticulous attention to details like executors of wills and trusts, powers of attorney, financial advisors, and spiritual advisors, will provide a clear roadmap for your family. It ensures that your medical, financial, and spiritual needs are met according to your preferences. This can certainly be a source of comfort and assurance for your loved ones, knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.

Your Personal Plan also touches upon personal aspects such as your primary physician and specialists, living will, DNR and HIPAA information, emergency contacts, and medical insurance details which are vital for medical decisions and treatment.

In sum, Your Plan is not just a collection of data; it’s a heartfelt gift to your family. By gathering this information your wishes are respected, and your loved ones supported during a challenging time.

Encourage others to follow your example and gather and update this critical information, as it’s an act of love and consideration that transcends generations.

You will find two free planning tools on the Resources page to help you get started.